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BOSS LTG: ULTIMATE 65 FOOT - 1000w - 16 light -Light Tower - 25kva Gen-set |::| Model#: BOSSLTG-BUMQ2516MH-E 65FT-16 LIGHT

Product Information: Model#: BOSSLTG-BUMQ2516MH-E 65FT-16 LIGHT
Product Description:


ULTIMATE 16 LIGHT - 65 FOOT LIGHT TOWER PACKAGE. 70 acres of Floodlighting... A mobile floodlight package equipped with a diesel water cooled engine attached to a 25kva diesel genset to supply power to operate 16-1000w Metal Halide floodlights position on a 65ft electric 120v telescoping tower assembled on a four wheel towable trailer. This complete package will be able to illuminate between 7 to 70 acres and project a beam to illuminate a target area 1500ft from the light source. ULTIMATE LIGHT TOWERS is an Exclusive design of BOSSLTG of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Originally designed and built in 1974 for Atkinson Construction. Now being used Worldwide .
Specifications Optional Equipment:
Spec Sheet :
For Complete Engineered Specifcations e-mail: SALES@BOSSLTG.COM DieselWater Cooled Engine, 40.5hp at 1800rpm. Equipped with engine safety shutdowns. Operates for 24 hours. Generator is rated 25kva,20kw, 208Y/120v, 3ph with AVR regulation. Floodlights: 16 -1000w Metal Halide. Tower: 65ft electric winch. Trailer mounted.
Special Features:
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