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Bossltg is a Specialty Designer/Supplier of Portable Light Towers and Portable Gen-sets for the Construction, Industrial, Oilfield and Offshore Marine Industries, worldwide.
Bossltg has over 30 years of design and application experience with Accredited Certifications that include the following:

Portable Certifications thru affiliates

UL/CSA Certified Diesel Gen-set Light Towers
UL/CSA Certified Portable Lighting
UL/CSA Certified Explosion-Proof Lighting
UL/CSA Certified Electrical Assembler (1640)


Bossltg offers free Tech assistance to clients that require design recommendations for ( One time Use Only ) Special Applications. With this free assistance clients receive confirmation of product compliance to all UL and OSHA regulatory requirement standard.

24 Hour Service

Bossltg wants our clients to understand that we are an Emergency Response Supplier, 24 hours a Day. You can contact us for Product Information or Technical Support, Day or Night. (225.324.6663)



To understand more about Bossltg and their overall service ability please visit these associated web sites: Bossltg and associates work together to bring a level of professional services unmatched in todays markets.


Bossltg, Inc.
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24 - HOUR

Trouble-shooting / Repairs:  225-324-6663